Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Painted Wolf Wines, African wild dogs and Marathons…..


African wild dogs! my passion…..

Unique to Africa, and endangered, these special predators are resident in only 9.4% of their historical range of sub-Saharan Africa. Given that wild dogs are a wide-ranging species that require plenty of space, large expanses of protected land such as transfrontier conservation initiatives are fundamental for their future conservation.

Gonarezhou wild dogs, photograph by the AWCF team, led by Dr. Rosemary Groom.

Gonarezhou wild dogs, photograph by the AWCF team, led by Dr. Rosemary Groom.

The Greater LimpopoTransfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) encompasses parts of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique and hosts globally significant populations of African wild dogs. Habitat loss, wire snaring, disease (rabies), competition with lions and human persecution threaten wild dogs throughout their range.

Gonarezhou National Park is part of this eco-system, and we at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge are privileged to have access to this pristine wilderness.

Gonarezhou is a perfect wilderness environment for these endangered animals..

Gonarezhou is a perfect wilderness environment for these endangered animals..and their pups..

Look at this great photograph, below, taken last year on a Chilo game drive in Gonarezhou National Park, by Derek and Sarah Soloman of Kuyimba Trading. We at Chilo look forward to the return of Derek and Sarah in late April, leading another specialist safari to this unique wilderness of ours..

African wild dog in gonarezhou National Park-photographed by Derek Soloman

African wild dog in gonarezhou National Park-photographed by Derek Soloman

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) is dedicated to wildlife conservation in Africa with a focused goal of safe-guarding endangered African wild dog populations in the Zimbabwean Lowveld.

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge  is seeing increased sightings of wild dogs on game drives, and it is through the efforts of such as AWCF, Frankfurt Zoological Society and Zim Parks, that these endangered animals are doing well in the Gonarezhou National Park.

another lovely photograph from the AWCF research team in Gonarezhou...

another lovely photograph from the AWCF research team in Gonarezhou…

The Gonarezhou Predator Project, managed by AWCF, is vital to increasing our knowledge and awareness of the challenges facing our predator populations in Gonarezhou

These are some more fascinating links to blogs on the Gonarezhou Predator Project …..

If you have read this far, you can now understand why African wild dogs are an integral part of the  Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge experience!

Here is one of my paintings , which hangs in the dining room at the lodge…..

Lin Barrie Wild dog art at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Lin Barrie Wild dog art at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund is proud to be an official charity of the 2014 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, read the details:

Prizes for the Two Oceans team include a sponsored two night’s stay for two people at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Timbavati , merchandise and vouchers from The Safari Store, wine prizes from Painted Wolf Wines  and two of my wild dog sketches….

lin barrie sketches for AWCF and Two Oceans

Painted Wolf Wines are one of the preferred brands at  Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge  and they sponsor many groundbreaking initiatives for African wild dog conservation in Southern Africa…..

Some of the wines donated by Jeremy and Emma Borg of Painted Wolf Wines  for AWCF at the Two Oceans marathon include a magnificent Magnum, bearing a label painted by Lin Barrie!

Painted Wolf Wines-yummy!

Painted Wolf Wines-yummy!



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The burning of 214 Brooke Drive, and a ‘Woman at the Top’…….

The burning of 214 Brooke Drive:
Late on Sunday afternoon, the Borrowdale Brooke Security Gate spotted smoke rising, and dashed to our house…

Bruce Douglas and Murray, Helen and Mike Lynton Edwards also spotted the smoke rising from our roof, and attacked our house yelling, bellowing, for help.

The Borrowdale Golf Club and Homeowners were alerted and Beefy rushed to the scene…..bringing with them the “fire engine” that Graham Hall cleverly constructed years ago….

Kelli was out doing a wedding make-up in Msasa. Dad had just peacefully immersed himself in a relaxing Sunday afternoon bath, when he heard men running past his windows and shouting “Your house is on fire”!”

Kelli’s sister Holly called her at work…”Your house is on fire!”
Kelli left the bride in extreme haste, (make up was luckily complete!), and began the long drive home as fast as she safely could, calling her boyfriend Anton Milner….”My house is on fire!”

Anton and his mum Jackie leapt in their car and raced to The Brooke, calling the Fire Brigade en route…..eventually getting through to the Belvedere fire brigade….

Kate Mc Carter, living in the Brooke, saw the drama and called her brother to deliver a water bowser as back up…..

Andy Lowe and his girlfriend leapt into action at the scene, and were a great support to dad….

Gary Helliwell bravely climbed onto the roof manned a fire hose to subdue the flames in Kelli’s attic…..

Ed Whitfield climbed onto Andy Kennedy’s roof to direct fire hoses from that side…

Colleen Morgan from Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club tossed off her high heeled boots and donned her golf shoes to help ferry goods away from the burning house…..

Mrs Chiwenga, from her high balcony, saw the smoke and leapt in her car, arriving with her staff to help ferry goods….

Various gardeners who were around rushed to help…

Adrienne Rudland has told me of the many children who rushed to help with their families. Thank you children!

Martin Cameron organized people to ferry goods co-opted Bruce Douglas’s and Andy Kennedy’s garages to store goods…

Anton began evacuation of goods from my bedroom, and paintings from my studio, with cool assurance….his head wrapped in his mother’s scarf to keep the smoke from asphyxiating him.

These are just a few names that I know of, there were dozens of heroes that day and since- dozens of other people, many of whose names are only just being revealed to me as I talk to various witnesses, arrived to help..and have been freely helping ever since….

Kelli’s attic bedroom, where the fire started due to a short in the wall socket, after two strong power surges, was already gutted and unsavable. She has lost all her possessions, including her laptop and hard-drive and, sadly, all her digital portfolio make up work…her two diamond rings from her Dad…


plus she lost all the jewel-like little paintings she was working on for a looming ‘Kelli Barker’ exhibition at Kiki’s Gallery…..only this and one other were saved….


More than 60 people plus the Brooke Fire Brigade and the municipal fire brigade helped in physically fighting the fire. A chain of people ferried goods out of my smoking bedroom, plus rapidly evacuated all of Dad’s furniture and clothes from his side of the house, in case the fire spread to his side.

Brave men on the ground and the roof sprayed water into my studio and the middle section of the house, preventing flames from proceeding into my Dad’s side of the house.

By the time Anton was able to take time from fighting flames to talk to me, Kelli being beyond words at that stage, it was a done deal, the house badly burnt. Lying sick in bed at Senuko, with tick bite fever, my fevered brain luckily could not quite compute what Anton was telling me, (perhaps a saving grace or I would have had a complete meltdown). As it was I merely plunged into the numb depths of despair and closed my eyes against the world.

Dad is recovering his equilibrium. Of course so many brave acts were taking place all around that fateful Sunday afternoon, so many men and women giving their all to save our house, but he has particularly mentioned that two men who stood out to him in terms of fighting the fire and ferrying goods out of the flames were Kelli’s boyfriend Anton Milner, Andy (Lowe, he thinks…) plus young Rob and Haley…names to be confirmed!

Anton says that huge help and bravery was shown by Ed and Gary who directed fire hoses on the roofs.

More than 3/4 of my paintings have been destroyed, some deservedly so, others were my best pieces…it has been emotional and tough going through the remnants of my years of work.


Here is “Phoenix Rising” – a painting installation I created from the burnt wood rescued from Senuko Lodge in 2009, when we lost that lodge to fire…now it has survived a second fire!…


Surviving paintings are partially charred, or decorated with varying degrees of smoke swirls, an interesting artistic effect!

I do have smaller paintings, plus sketches saved in folders, which incredibly brave people saved from my studio in the heat and smoke.


The glassed paintings are cleanable, the canvas ones may or may not be saved…. beginning the cleaning process of the paintings will be daunting. Sue Mullins and Ngoni from The Framing Centre in Borrowdale are so generously taking all my glassed paintings to restore them! I can not thank them enough, they help me to see light at the end of the tunnel….


Local Brooke residents, Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club, and The Brooke Bridge Club, and so many other dear friends and family have given freely of their personal help, plus the help of their staff, in clearing the charred rubble, sending hot meals every night, per kind favour of Colleen Morgan, and washing copious amounts of laundery (the clothes and soft furnishings, especially in my downstairs bedroom, were smoked by flame, then soaked by the fire hoses, but that soaking action saved most of my bedroom furnishings). Dad has been moved back into his side of the house, and happily has his stove and television working.

Adrienne’s grandchildren have brought Dad a lovely letter of commiseration, and an owl collage!

The Spotted Eagle owls are disgruntled that they no longer have a roof peak to perch on , but are adapting to perching on scorched palm fronds lower down!

Still am not sure where half my bedroom furnishings, shoes or clothes are…will find out which kind souls have rescued what over the next days!

Graham Hall has spent much of his time checking the electrics for Dad to move back into his side of the house, and collecting and hauling our rubble to the dump with his trailer and staff.

The able-bodied and generous men and women who come from their gardening and household jobs every day to help with the clearing have been unfailingly willing and efficient, even going through all the rubble twice over looking for poor Kelli’s rings… luck yet.

My darling sister in law, Clare, has been on site every single day with me and Dad, a pillar of practical strength and love….

Our next door neighbours have been wonderful…Bruce Douglas allocated space on his verandah, and Andy Kennedy has generously given up his boxing arena in his garage to store all our goods while we sift through everything.

Rory and Brenda Rooney have provided a home for us to live in in the Brooke, a welcome haven of hot showers and cool white sheets to retreat to at night, while we gather our wits and our resources. Angels flit in and out of this house when we are not there, delivering meals, stocking the refrigerator and leaving fresh washing detergent next to the ever busy washing machine!
Other angels keep popping up at 214 Brooke Drive, bringing fresh baked bread, meals, laundered curtains, hot coffee, cake, warm words and willing hands. offers of help with re-roofing, glassing and painting the house  have astonished and humbled us….

Wonderful women in the Brooke have offered Kelli some fabulous clothes, and she is overwhelmed by their generosity.
When each and every one of them leave, no matter how short their stay, they leave us with an increased assurance of hope, love and warmth!

Strangely, what gave me tick bite fever was sitting in long grass at Senuko, my Jack Russells perched on rocks above me, on the look out for lions, while I painted a large, fire-damaged rock that I call my Henry Moore sculpture…


No lions appeared that day, although I had heard hyenas there the night before, but I was attacked instead by something less easy to spot…pepper ticks!

This painting that I am working on is for the  National Gallery exhibition, Woman at the Top, a celebration of Women against adversity sponsored by the EU. I am not sure if I can in any way be described as a woman ‘on top’, feel more like a woman submerged at this stage, but I certainly feel on top in terms of the wonderful and uplifting support, physical and verbal, that I have recoved recently!


This painting, begun in the bush at our Tsavene house on Senuko Ranch, is taking on new meaning as I continue to paint here in Harare. Called “Woman of Stone”, flames are integral to it, trial by fire, surmountable only with the help of many wonderful people….


Kelli herself has been a tower of strength to me and Dad, in spite of all her personal loss, a true lesson in love, fortitude and grace….

Clive has been as usual, my rock…steady, innovative and optimistic beyond belief, despite all the varied travails we face at the moment, and without whom I would be lost.

“Woman of Stone” -acrylic on canvas, 130 x 100 cm


Ironically, I have been asked to donate a painting towards fundraising for repairing the leaking roof for the National Gallery, to protect their valuable collection of art….it will be auctioned at Black Tie Mask Ball on 5th April…this will be a fabulous evening, plus I really want to contribute to their roof, knowing the gloomy feeling of not having a roof at all!

This is “Zimbabwe Bird” – my painting for the National Gallery fundraising……inspired by the vibrant colours of the Zimbabwe flag!

Zimbabwe Bird by Lin Barrie

Zimbabwe Bird by Lin Barrie

Luckily I have pieces of art at various venues in Harare, so these happily escaped the fire-

A large wild dog painting, “Exuberance” is hung for sale at Kikis Gallery in Umwinsidale. Kiki’s Harare:

“Exuberance” , acrylic on stretched canvas, 100 x 200 cm, by Lin Barrie


Visit Chris Kaye framers in the Chisipite shopping area, next to Chris Hair Salon, for a couple of my selected loose and framed pieces…. Greystone Pk Shop Centre, 14 Hindhead Ave, tel 04 86 0106.

A few samples of my art are left also at the Doone Estate shop run by Pete Simon…next to Veldemeers Chocolates…good to view art and grab a chocolate croissant! Here is one of them…

“Ground Hornbill and Diamond”, acrylic on canvas, 130 x 100 cm


My art is on display at The Plot Coffee Shop, just down the road from the Brooke, so pop in there for a good coffee and to view! The Plot Cafe:

This is “Intent”, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 200 cm, at The Plot…


Very luckily, I recently left some of my best pieces of art at NMLC lawyers premises for display/sale on their walls!
Commercial Lawyers, Attorneys, Notaries, Conveyancers, Patents and Trademarks Agents
12 Glenara Avenue South, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe
Contact Numbers: Office +263 8644088260

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‘Woman at the Top’ and mud at Senuko, art and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe…..

Woman on Top’

A heavy shower of rain has subsided and at last I am last sketching a rock onto my large canvas. Not just any rock. She is a slab of granite that towers over the grassland at the base of our hill, upon which our house ‘Tsavene’ rests….
I crouch at her feet, deep in mud and long green grass, between rain falls. I am uncomfortable, plagued by buzzing flies and conscious of unknown presence in the surrounding waist-high vegetation, where this morning a predatory hyena called repeatedly. A lion could melt away here, never be seen until stumbled upon… I am pleased that my Jack Russell pups stand guard on high rocks as I draw….

I have been thinking about painting this she-rock for so long….have observed and mused over this rock for years, and in all seasons. She displays the same inner strength year after year but changes her character, her facade, just as the landscape changes with the rains and successive droughts.
She is not one rock, but two, acting as one-a monumental body supporting a tiny head lifted to the shifting skies. The left side of her mammoth body, the windward side, is tinged rust, tempered by the wild fires that rage through these grasslands in the dry season. Her head is held high above any fire, but is whittled from decades, centuries, of rain, wind and baking sun. Serene in her wilderness landscape, she endures all and sees all. She never fails to strike me as forcibly as a Henry Moore sculpture. I am in awe of her.


Why am I here in the mud and scratchy grass?…..because I am under short notice to produce a painting for ‘Woman at the Top’ an EU sponsored exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, showcasing female visual artists working in all mediums.


What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be at the top in your field? Is excellence realistically attainable? This exhibition will go beyond merely looking at the repeatedly stated universal and local challenges that women face. It will celebrate the strengths and accomplishments that women have achieved in spite of various forms of difficulty and diverse experiences. The exhibition is about breaking the glass ceiling and enduring through trials. It is hoped that artists will interpret the theme using their own exploration of their wider understanding of continental interactions, global interactions as well as the personal response. The show will be a fitting tribute to mark International Women’s Day in March 2014.

I have only just received a notification of the exhibition and deadline for submission is two weeks away……I am under pressure. As I sketch I realise how much I relish working under pressure, it lends an edge, a certain adrenalin. Much like being surrounded by long grass….


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Waterfalls and Sunrises, Giant snails and rain at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Gonarezhou, in Zimbabwe….

The fabulous wet season at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Gonarezhou, in Zimbabwe….

What a season…we have not seen the vast floods that have engulfed parts of Britain recently, but in our African context, we have had fabulous rains, enough to make the grass leap skywards, birds sing and build nests, rivers flow strongly, washing away the debris of last year’s season…

the flooding Save River at Chilo Gorge

the flooding Save River at Chilo Gorge

looking up the Save River, the baboon roost rocks are  dwarfed by the expanse of silty brown waters…

view upriver from Chilo deck

view upriver from Chilo deck

A lone baboon barks, and his voice echoes across the water and bounces back off the rocks, causing him great alarm, and he barks incessantly, challenging his ‘Ghost’ voice….

baboon sketches

baboon sketches

Chivalila Falls on the Save River upstream from Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, are a raging torrent- a stunning tribute to nature in all her glory.

Chivalila Falls

Chivalila Falls

Watch this homemade video of Clive Stockil at the magnificent Chivalila falls….

Bear Grylls, we need you here! This is an elemental survival challenge……

Clive Stockil at Chivalila Falls

Clive Stockil at Chivalila Falls

Tembweharta Pan is a gorgeous expanse of water, assorted fish and waterfowl and wallowing hippos who have trekked across for refuge from the raging river…

Hippopotamus-  sketch by Lin Barrie

Hippopotamus- sketch by Lin Barrie

The Chilo Brooke, a mere trickle in the dry season, is a full-fledged torrent among dripping tree trunks, and tumbling o’er steep rocks, rivalling Scottish burns in its beauty!

The Chilo Brooke and Clive Stockil

The Chilo Brooke and Clive Stockil

watch this video of the Chilo Brooke in full spate at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge….

The Chilo Brooke runs under the bridge at Chilo Gorge

The Chilo Brooke runs under the bridge at Chilo Gorge

Giant Land snails, bigger than my hand, ooze along pathways, making the most of the wet vegetation, before the dry sets back in…..

Giant land snail feels its way around a twig..

Giant land snail feels its way around a twig..

These magnificent molluscs have to find refuges under rocks and in tree trunks during the dry winter months. Some will not last the dry season, dessicating in clumps in their hideaways…..

discarded shells of giant african land snail

discarded shells of giant african land snail

Looking downstream, sunrise lights the Save River through the balcony railing, from my  room at Chilo Gorge…

sunrise through the balcony railing , from a room at Chilo Gorge

sunrise through the balcony railing , from a room at Chilo Gorge

a hornbill visits the trees outside the  bedroom at dawn…..

a hornbill visits the bedroom at sunrise

a hornbill visits the bedroom at sunrise

view upriver from the Chilo bar lounge…

view upriver from the Chilo bar lounge

view upriver from the Chilo bar lounge

view of Strelitzia and Save River at Chilo Gorge…

view of Strelitzia and Save River at Chilo Gorge

view of Strelitzia and Save River at Chilo Gorge

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Greenline Magazine -Clive Stockil, Prince William and Gonarezhou…..

Prince William and Clive Stockil

Prince William and Clive Stockil

What a fabulous Zimbabwean conservation magazine!… click here to get insightful articles on Gonarezhou, Tusk Trust, Clive Stockil  and the Prince William Award, (including Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge)….

Greenline Magazine – Greenline Magazine – Issue 3 2013.

greenline magazine

greenline magazine

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Flowers from Mutare to Chilo Gorge, Wild dog imaginings from Chilo to Tsavene…

The Zimbabwe Travel Authority has initiated a tour of media writers from Britain to visit Zimbabwe…and we travel from Harare to Mutare to meet them after they have stayed at Inn on the Ruparara. After spending a night with dear friend Bronwen, whose garden is adorned with flame lilies at this time of the year, we descend the road towards sea level and the Gonarezhou National Park.


Brilliant Bauhinia galpinii adorn the road sides….


Tumbled granite kopijies are etched against the Payne’s Grey skies….


Gorgeous baobab fibre mats glow at the roadside….


We travel through patches of sunlight and then plunge beneath great steel grey clouds and drifting sheets of rain and rainbows.


Room 8 at Chilo Gorge is tucked into fabulous forest canopy, overhanging a tumbling waterfall that feeds the Save River. Here, monkeys’ antics in the canopy accompany early morning coffee…


The view through the balcony railing of Room 7 is tropical, sparkling with the scarlet flowers of Erythrina livingstonii…..I sketch the scene on my IPad…


Firelight in the evening is conducive to stories and tales around the fire…


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Portfolios, pedals, people and pop-ups-Painted Wolf Wines in 2013….

Read the link below and my further notes below that,  for a resume of the year 2013, an exciting and successful year in the life of Painted Wolf Wines and Zimbabwe’s wild dogs!

Portfolios, pedals, people and pop-ups – Painted Wolf Wines in 2013 | Painted Wolf Wines

In Zimbabwe, we shared the Taste of Africa event at the Mukuvisi Woodlands with Painted Wolf Wines..for which I painted a portrait of Claw and her pups…Paul Funston’s photo of Claw is gorgeous…

me in my studio....

me in my studio….

My  painting of Claw was acrylic on canvas…..and from that we created invitation flyers for Taste of Africa………

Taste of Africa 2013 -Poster

Taste of Africa 2013 -Poster

Thereafter we  enjoyed the Painted Wolf Pack’s  company on Pedals 4 Paws rides through Mana, Save Valley Conservancy, Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge and Gonarezhou.

Much delicious Painted Wolf Wine was drunk at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, who support the Painted Wolf Pack and regularly serve their wines to delighted guests!

This bicycle marathon raised awareness and funds for the two excellent Zimbabwean research, education and conservation programmes,  AWCF and PDC. The schools en route, adjacent to wild dog areas, contributed art and were empowered to better appreciate these gentle predators, and the role they have to play in the eco-system…

The Pedals 4 Paws team at the original chalkboard! The Mahenye School Tree...

The Pedals 4 Paws team at the original chalkboard! The Mahenye School Tree…

Mahenye School art, in support of Pedals 4 Paws…….

Mahenye primary school art

Mahenye primary school art

Later in the year, in London, when Clive Stockil received the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, we were honoured to meet and chat to Prince William and Princess Kate, and we also enjoyed Jeremy’s company at the Tusk Trust Conservation Awards. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were out first time since the birth of Prince George, and were engaging, questioning and committed to supporting real Conservation issues in Africa, all extremely heartwarming…

Prince William and Clive Stockil

Prince William and Clive Stockil

Prince William states:

To me, projects supported by Tusk — particularly those which combine the protection of endangered species with innovative initiatives for alleviating poverty in remote rural communities show a clear way forward”.

Later in the year, we relished Painted Wolf Wines at the Royal Geographic Talk that Clive gave…what a treat!
I was honoured to contribute a painting to Jeremy’s excellent Pop Up event in London -sad I could not be there in person…

'Deliberation" sketch by Lin Barrie

‘Deliberation” sketch by Lin Barrie

Well done for a full and successful year in 2013, Painted Wolf Wines!

Read my related blogs:

A Painted Wolf at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge…..

Pedals 4 Paws 2014

Taste of Africa

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